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Having easy access to naturally filtered spring water from H2O at any moment during the workday will be greatly appreciated by your team. It is advised by health professionals that individuals consume eight glasses of water daily. It can be difficult for workers to remember to stay hydrated while at work, which can quickly cause undetected dehydration and lower performance and production.

Since 73% of our brains are made of water, being dehydrated makes us feel tired, disoriented, headachey, and less capable of thinking clearly. Your staff will be content, healthy, and hydrated if your Sydney office has a good water cooler and a steady supply of bottled natural spring water.

Provide hot or cold water in your office to set up your staff for success.

15L Spring Water


  • 15L Spring Water
  • Free Delivery Sydney Wide (Sydney Only)
  • Quality Spring Water
  • Minimum Order is 3
  • $0 Bottle Deposit
  • Bottles are returnable ($20 Fee for bottles lost/damaged/not returned)
  • Derived from underground springs in the region of Peats Ridge NSW
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Spring Water with Superior Service

Our spring water is drawn from underground springs located on the NSW central coast region in Peats Ridge. Our Spring Water is the highest quality Spring Water, delivered direct to your door. Dont be fooled by companies that offer bottled water, that has anything except 100% Spring Water. Some companies are known to bottle filtered tap water, and it is sold as bottled water. Make sure you are buying Spring Water. When you purchase from Natural Choice Spring Water, you can rest assured, that we only provide 100% Spring Water in our bottles!
Natural Choice Spring Water is sourced from underground springs located at Peats Ridge, in the central highlands of NSW.  Our Spring Water originates from deep below the earths surface. Spring Water contains natural minerals, the amounts are shown on the typical analysis. Our bottled water is supplied in a 15L returnable bottle.

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HANDLEConvienient Carry Handle for easier movement
SPILL FREE CAPOur Spill Free cap is designed to prevent spillage when loading a new water bottle. The cap is pearced by the probe on the water cooler. This systems protects the reservoir from contamination as the exterior of the water bottle does not come into contact with the water.