Natural Choice

Terms & Conditions

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is available as our preferred method of payment. Direct Debit can be arranged for all payments from Savings, Cheque or Credit Accounts. All amounts will be automatically debited from your nominated account on a monthly basis. A direct Debit Request form must be completed, and a Direct Debit Customer Service Agreement is included with this form. You will receive a monthly statement detailing charges due for direct debit on the 15th of the following month
There are no fees or charges applied for the use of our Direct Debit Payment Option.


30 Day Account

If you are unable to make payment using our Direct Debit Payment Option, you may pay by Cheque, Electronic Deposit, Bpay, or Credit Card. A statement is provided monthly detailing all charges incurred each calendar month.
An account Application form must be completed for this type of account. You must read the ‘Privacy Act Consents’ and understand that the Credit information is exchanged  and can include anything about your credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity that credit providers are allowed to exchange under the Privacy Act.



Our drivers can collect payment at the point of sale. Our drivers can accept Cash or Cheque payments. A receipt is issued at the time of delivery for any monies received. If you are unable to pay as you have missed the driver or any other reason, you must arrange payment to be made prior to the next delivery.


Overdue Accounts & Suspension of Service

All overdue accounts exceeding 30 days will incur late charges of $1 or 18%p.a whichever is greater.  Accounts exceeding 60 days overdue may be suspended until payment is received.  Should payment remain outstanding beyond the payment terms as outlined above, the Customer is liable for all costs including legal costs (on a solicitor/own client basis) and credit reporting agency or mercantile agent fees incurred by the Seller in recovering the amount outstanding. Payment defaults will be reported to credit reporting agency and may affect your creditworthiness.


Dishonored Payments

It is your responsibility to ensure that funds are available for all payment types. For any dishonored amounts, you must arrange an alternative payment method to rectify the account. Dishonoured payments  will incur a fee of $10.00 or an amount equal to the fees associated with the dishonored payment.


Change of Ownership, Address or Banking Details

You must notify Natural Choice Water in writing of any change of address or ownership within 72 hours of such a change and indemnify Natural Choice against any loss or damage incurred as a result of the customer’s failure to notify any such change.


Equipment Rental

Any equipment shall be maintained in a clean and sound condition and returned with any accessories supplied. The customer is required to report any malfunction of the equipment to enable it to be rectified. The equipment hired is at the risk of the customer. The customer accepts full responsibility for the safe return of the equipment . The equipment must not be left exposed to the weather (eg. On patios or verandahs etc) or stored in areas that are excessively dusty or damp that can result in damage. A Cleaning Fee or Refurbishment Fee may be charged if the condition of the equipment warrants the charge.

The equipment is the responsibility of the customer should there be theft, fire or floods, and is liable for the full purchase price of the hired item. The customer agrees to pay for any loss or damage to the equipment for any cause whatsoever, reasonable wear and tear excepted. The customer agrees to indemnify Natural Choice Water Pty Ltd for any liability resulting from use of said equipment by customer.

Any legal costs incurred by Natural Choice Water Pty Ltd in relation to the equipment or account shall be borne by the customer in the event of default of the customer. Title to the equipment, with right of immediate possession, remains with Natural Choice Water Pty Ltd.

The customer agrees to rent the equipment at the listed rate. The customer understands that the rental fee is not a deposit and is not refundable and is not applied towards the purchase. The term of this rental shall begin from the date of installation and shall continue on a period to period basis as specified above until terminated by written notice at least 30 days prior to the desired cancellation date.

The customer agrees to use only Natural Choice Spring Water in the water dispenser. Bottles are returnable. Any bottles lost/stolen/or not returned incur a replacement fee of $22 (inc GST). It is a condition of sale that bottles ordered, delivered and received are non-refundableOnce the bottles have left our quality control they are not resold.